Dedicate a Pew in Christendom’s New Chapel

Honor your family or friends by dedicating a pew in the new Christ the King Chapel. With only 13 pews left to dedicate, this is a limited opportunity. 

Donors may honor their loved ones by dedicating a chapel pew that will
make it possible for students and other community members to worship in
the Chapel. 

Each pew will feature a tasteful and elegant plaque memorializing a loved one or asking for prayers for the donor and/or his or her family. 

These etched bronze plaques measure 5 x 2 inches.

Pew Dedications for $10,000* include: 

1. Choice of dedication inscription (approximately 55 characters) 

2. Recognition on the chapel narthex memorial plaque.

*Payable as a one-time gift or up to a five-year pledge. 

If you have any questions, please contact the gift officer who shared this with you or Elizabeth Santorum at 757-773-1880  or If you would like someone to reach out to you, please fill out the contact form below. 

sample list of inscription language: 

Please Pray for Howard and Peggy Phillips


In Memory of William & Lilla Horkan


In Memory of Paul M. Weyrich 


In Loving Memory of the Aiello Family & the Belleza Family

In Loving Memory of Robert & Patricia Polley 


In Honor of John & Mary Schmitz,
Godparents of Warren Carroll 


Please Pray for Members of the Robert J. Crnkovich Family


In Loving Memory of Col. Charles R. McCaffrey, Sr. & Family



To learn more about pew dedication inscriptions, please click here.


Please contact me about dedicating a pew in Christ the King Chapel.

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