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Dedication of Christ the King Chapel

Thank you so much for joining us to celebrate our Christ the King Chapel Dedication fesitivies and for everything you did to make the new Chapel possible! We were so blessed to share this momentous occasion with you.

Christendom College is compiling a collection of moments, memories, and feedback to remember this wonderful weekend! We invite you to share your experiences, thoughts, and/or favorite memories of the Chapel Dedication, 45th Anniversary Gala, and other events. Thank you again for being a part of and helping us commemorate such a beautiful moment in the college’s history!

Guest Book Entries

Timothy & Karla Hester

Thank you for having us at this monumental celebration. Christendom holds a special place in our hearts and we will forever be indebted to the college for what it has given to our lives. The building of this chapel at this point in time is a true testament to the value that Christendom places on the Catholic faith and tradition. At Christendom, students do not attend for the academics alone, they attend for the culture and the true formation to be authentically Catholic. We have experienced this first hand and our lives would undoubtedly not be the same without the Christendom community. God bless every visionary, planner, architect, builder, craftsman, donor, artist and all those that prayed to make this a reality and gift to Our Lord in thanksgiving of His many blessings. Now we must pray that Christendom’s testament and legacy be preserved!

Jim Carlini

It was an inspiring and truly spectacular dedication Mass. And a wonderful gala that evening! Thank you to all who made it happen. God bless Christendom College!!

Dee Fisk

It was a perfect day to witness the dedication of the Christendom Chapel. I am humbled by the awesomeness of the church’s timeless beauty, stained glass windows depicted the life of Jesus Christ, the choir’s heavenly voices permeated the walls of the church as we prayed for God’s blessings and received the Holy Eucharist.

Catherine LaFramboise

It was so incredibly beautiful. I can still hardly believe I was actually able to attend the dedication Mass, but it was an honor to be there and I am so blessed to be able to work at Christendom!

Richard & Martha Jagel

Flawless event. The chapel is amazing, it blew me away! First class from beginning to end. I am so proud and blessed that I could attend and feel the Glory of GOD.

Donald Higby

Marvelous privilege to be there for the dedication of the chapel. Ceremonies were beautiful, food was outstanding.

Daniel Gorman

In one of the beautiful stained glass windows it says “It is good to praise the Lord in song”. I have never heard the Lord praised more beautifully than I did at the Vespers and Dedication Mass of the Christ the King Chapel. The Gregorian was magnificent. And the realization that thousands of young people will be inspired in this house of God to go out into the world to “restore all things in Christ ” was truly overwhelming. It was a wonderful weekend and being with so many who gloried in the faith was a joyous part of it.

Delane Karalow

This was the most spiritually powerful ceremony that I have attended in a long time. I am so grateful that I was able to be there and to pray for the continued success of Christendom College, and to partake in the many gifts and graces that come to us through this institution.

Maureen Farley

We were honored to witness the dedication of the magnificent Christ the King Chapel. The Mass followed by the gala and fireworks were extraordinary. In a world seemingly overcome by evil and darkness, Christendom College shines as a beacon of light. God is good. Viva Christo Rey!

Lianna Youngman

Something that struck me so clearly is how much the new chapel already felt like home. All the comfort, all the security, and all the precious memories associated with the prior chapel felt present to me as soon as I walked in. It still is my spiritual home, just slightly to the left.

Erin Sullivan

Congratulations, Christendom College, on the dedication of your new, magnificent chapel. The entire weekend was pure joy. The faculty, staff, students and benefactors of Christendom College will remain in our thoughts and prayers. Christendom is a very special place for which we are truly grateful!

Father Rob

The old chapel holds many fond memories for me but I am happy that the new chapel will be a place where many generations of Christendom students will be able to encounter Jesus Christ in a place of beauty. It was wonderful to see Bishop Burbidge, who ordained me when he was Bishop of Raleigh as well as many friends and professors. It was a blessing to be at the dedication.

Robert and Danielle Matava

We give thanks to God for this beautiful house of prayer. May it bring everyone who uses it into a closer encounter with the Lord. Not only the building, but the entire celebration was so beautiful. Truly a dream come true. A heartfelt “thank you” to all who made this possible. May God be praised!

Scott Turicchi

What a beautiful day. The Mass of dedication of this magnificent chapel was glorious – how appropriate that it occurred within the Octave of Easter. The beauty of this chapel will nurture much prayer and devotion. May God richly reward all those that brought this labor of love to fruition.

Rev. Kevin Walsh

Congratulations on a beautiful chapel! May it serve the Christendom community for many years to come. God’s blessings upon all those who serve in this educational apostolate.

Kadi Martin

It was so, so beautiful to attend the dedication of Christ the King Chapel! As an alumni, I prayed for all the future students who will call this chapel their spiritual home for some of the most important years of their lives, as the old Christ the King chapel was for me. I am getting married in the new chapel on May 20th, 2023 and it will truly be such a special day to say my wedding vows in Christ’s beautiful new home in the Shenandoah Valley.

Aileen and Eugene Foeckler

What a beautiful Chapel we have! Every detail inspires us to give glory to God. This Chapel is a pure treasure for the Christendom community and its impact will be felt for generations.

Mickey Krebs

I couldn’t help but be thankful that I had the privilege to be part of the wonderful dedication of the new chapel. It was grand to see and meet so many of Christendom’s family and friends, not only of the present, but also from years ago. After the dedication had been completed and the Mass was ready to begin I will never forget the grand moment when the horns sounded and heralded the beginning of the very first Mass in our new Chapel.

Julian Heron

Very beautiful Chapel that will inspire many and bring more people to our Lord.

God bless, Julian

Christian & Pamela Plasberg

Thank you for the once in a lifetime, beautiful, faith filled Dedication Mass!

Kathleen Sullivan

So thankful for Christendom! This was truly a magnificent moment for the college and it was executed beautifully. I’m honored to have been able to be there!

Steve Jalsevac

It was one of the most awesome Masses in our lives. The music made it seem as though we were in Heaven. It was as good, if not better than any we have ever heard in Rome or anywhere else. The chapel is astonishingly beautiful. Totally confirmed the wisdom of sending four of our children to Christendom, one of whom has since played a large role in raising funds for that impressive house of worship. Hope for the future was renewed.

Joseph & Sara McFadden

What a beautiful day! So happy to see this chapel reach completion. This is such a great thing for this community to be able to witness and experience as it illustrates true Beauty in honor of God.

Ronald Jackson

My wife and I find Joy every time we walk onto the Christendom College Campus. We always feel welcomed and find everyone, especially the students, exuding happiness and outward friendliness-something so totally lacking in much of our country today. However, our experience at the dedication was truly a special uplifting event. The beauty of the Chapel, and the entire Dedication from the talks outside until the end of lovely ceremony and Mass on Saturday will be kept in our memories for the rest of our lives. One’s spirit had to soar every time the organ played and the Choir sang. Mary Jo and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to attend this event and for being part of the entire Christendom experience. Thank you for who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Jeffery and Jacinta Whiting

Honored to be present and part of this community.

Diana and Craig Pascoe

There are no words for how I felt walking into the completed chapel on the day of the dedication. Craig and I are beyond grateful that our boys will have this gorgeous chapel as part of their Christendom experience. What a beautiful day—a fabulous party after, and of course the fireworks…Thank you to everyone who made it happen for our community. We are all beyond blessed!

Pam Bell

I felt so blessed to have attended the beautiful vespers service and dedication of Christ the King Chapel. The ceremonies, music, food and fellowship were divine.

Rob and Theresa Hambleton

We were so blessed to be able to attend this beautiful event! Everything about the evening was memorable, especially the absolutely incredible music during the Mass! Christendom holds a dear place in our hearts and we are so happy for everyone involved in the making of the new chapel. Congratulations!

Roseanne Podlinsek

It is a rare blessing to attend the dedication of any church, but how much more so in the case of such a magnificent one! The Ceremonial Mass of Dedication was very beautiful with all its pageantry and the splendid choral and organ music! My husband and I were particularly moved by the embedding into the altar of the 1st Class Relic of St. Thomas Aquinas, as well as by the blessing and anointing of the altar with Sacred Chrism! To be in fellowship with my co-workers and the many donors and Christendom College alumni who attended the event was a delight, and memories of the occasion will be among our most special.

Ellen Kelly

Our new Chapel of Christ the King is a magnificent testament to the faith of the founders of Christendom College. May God bless Dr. O’Donnell and all those whose work and generosity made this incredibly beautiful church a reality. It was a privilege to be present for the dedication!

Dan and Laura Gossin

We are so grateful to have been a part of this momentous occasion. Thank you to Dr. Warren Carroll for the vision and to all those who have subsequently shared in this vision and had the strength and means to carry it out. May this beautiful chapel bring abundant blessings to the college and to the whole Christendom community!

William Stoops

What a grand and exciting celebration for a grand and exciting new “chapel”! It wasn’t so long ago that in 1995 I was singing in the choir for the dedication of the “old” chapel. On this recent occasion, I enjoyed resuming friendships with various Christendom associates from over the years. Best wishes to the Christendom community! I look forward to visiting Christendom College and worshipping again at the beautiful new chapel. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Marvin Spychaj

My wife, Cheryl and I were both honored and humbled to attend the dedication of Christ the King Chapel, a most powerful and visible witness to Christendom’s Catholic heritage and to the Catholic spirituality which is its foundation. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!!

Andrew Clark

Truly one of the most beautiful and memorable liturgies of my life. Being able to deacon the Mass was a gift I will be thanking God for the rest of my days. Christus Vincit!

Sharon M. Hickson

This glorious Chapel is the culmination of Warren Carroll’s goal to restore all things in Christ and the pinnacle of Tim O’Donnell’s vision and his amazing contribution to Christendom College.

Brenda Seelbach

What an amazing project to have been a part of. I love that we have attend mass in our new chapel! Such a beautiful worship space.

Donna Bethell

A beautiful act of glorification of God and a beacon of Faith. God bless all who contributed to the Chapel of Christ the King , all who will worship in it, and all who see it.

Fr. Chris Foeckler

Hearty Congratulations to Dr. O’Donnell and the whole Christendom Staff for your vision and perseverance in realizing a major, beautiful work for the Glory of God and for the evangelization of our culture by the sheer grandeur, beauty and meaningfulness of the newly dedicated College Chapel of Christ the King. The dedication ceremony was inspiring and made me supremely proud to be an alumni! I was very happy to have greeted Anne Carrol and am very sure Warren was smiling down on the event. The Chapel is already inspiring many new looks at the College among families searching for quality Catholic higher education. The interesting information of the separate tours of the Chapel’s art and design was very edifying and would be tremendously popular and meaningful as a collected work in book and media form as I’m sure you have envisioned for the future if not already. Finally, I have to say that I smiled widely at the presence of a small statue of our Lady of Knock presiding over the altar of the Mary Chapel with large stained glass windows and tapestry of our Lady looking on. There has to be a story behind that which I’d like to know – maybe in the explanation book. May Christ the King continue to bless abundantly the entire Christendom College community through Mary, His Most Holy Mother and in His newly dedicated Chapel!

Robert Rice

The Dedication of the new Christ the King Chapel was a culminating highlight of Mary Alice’s and mine over our forty years at Christendom College. When I think back on the campus of 1981 when we arrived compared with the campus of today, it is like the acorn that has become a flourishing oak tree–Christendom College has become what Dr. Warren Carroll dreamed it would become in God’s grand design. Indeed, “Deus lo vult!” as the Crusaders cried, God wills it! The event itself was glorious, magnificent in its liturgical, architectural, artistic and musical splendor. The beauty and grace of God was manifest in all its aspects. We’ll never forget it.

Mae Duhig

What a joy to be part of Christ the King’s dedication day and be with the Christendom community once again. My boyfriend and I had a lovely time, and especially loved the flowers.

Patricia Peters

April 15, 2023 will forever be a favorite memory. Christ the King Chapel opened wide its doors! It was a special day to honor our Heavenly Father; a day of grace, celebration, and thanksgiving. The college is so blessed! Many thanks to Dr. O’Donnell for his prayerful vision and his leadership to “Restore All Things In Christ”.

Bennett and Mary Beth Ellis

Having no words to adequately express the profound joy and holy inspiration – by no means fleeting – experienced at the breathtaking encounter with the True, the Good, and the Beautiful in the chapel and its dedication, St. Francis de Sales perfectly supplies his own: “While we are on this sea of mortal life, we may receive feelings of sweetness and delight, which without a doubt give us a foretaste of that heavenly country to which we tend and aspire. (These) stimulate the appetite of the soul, strengthen the spirit, and add to the promptitude of devotion…which consists in a constant, resolute, and active will to do what we know to be pleasing to God…a holy joy and cheerfulness…and make us more humble, patient, tractable, charitable and compassionate towards our neighbor, more zealous to mortify our concupiscences and evil inclinations, more steadfast in our exercises, more docile and submissive, more simple in our lives…God sends them to us and because they stir us up to love Him, yet we seek not them, but God and His holy love: not the consolation but the Consoler; not the sweetness but the sweet Savior; not the tenderness but Him who is the joy of heaven and of earth.”

Michael Kruger

When I entered the new chapel for the dedication, I was moved by a deep feeling of spiritual connection to our Lord. As I walked through the chapel, I was inspired by the beautiful artifacts that reminded me of the history and purpose of Christianity in a time of great turmoil throughout the world. I look forward to visiting the chapel again and offering prayers of thankfulness for all that the Lord has given us and for a hopeful future of peace.

Sr. Agnes Marie Gallagher

This was my second chapel dedication at Christendom College and I never thought I would be so awed by mere men and their creation. The beauty, order and proportion are marvelous. The celebration met and greatly exceeded my expectations of what my little college would be able to give. The singing was the most glorious thing I will have ever enjoyed in person. This chapel and this event are good examples of what God can do with us if we let Him.

Gregory Oussani

The pealing bells will be my ringtone to proclaim the Kingship of Jesus Christ beyond the inspiring sacred art and architecture of Christ the King Chapel and will remind me daily of the dedication celebration and all for which Christendom College, my “adopted” alma mater, stands!

David & Catherine Thompson

Magnificent! For the glory of God!

Scott and Mary-Chris Kay

Beautiful occasion! Awe-inspiring chapel. We were so blessed to be a part of it. God bless Christendom College! Viva Cristo Rey!

John and Therese Cermak

We were overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to participate in this glorious celebration! We both cried tears of joy on multiple occasions! The dedication Mass and all that followed made us feel as close to Heaven as we have ever felt! Praise and thanks be our Lord Jesus Christ! 

Paul Faraci

The hills and Christendom College are now truly alive with the sound of praise and thanksgiving thanks to this lovely House of God!

David and Nancy Kennedy

We couldn’t help but notice that as Bishop Burbidge was sprinkling with water and blessing the interior walls of the church that the Lord was sprinkling the outside walls. Just a brief shower.

Francis Scarchilli

My wife, Carol, and I are nearly speechless over the beautiful Chapel dedication and Gala. I think we can best words we came up with were, “We walked into a building and walked out of a Chapel!”.

William & Barbara Aldridge

The chapel is beautiful! It will take many visits to fully take in every detail. The dedication Mass was a most memorable experience.

Rev. John Paul Heisler

I was greatly looking forward to the dedication and it was an event greater celebration than anticipated. Pride was a virtue when the chapel was dedicated. Everyone was proclaiming in their heart, speech, and celebration, “Jesus Christ is King”

Christine Kleiber

What an honor to offer my Mass at this first liturgy in the Christ the King Chapel among so many others devoted to Our Lord and dedicated to supporting the mission of Christendom. So many powerful moments in the day, but having my eyes fixed on Mandy Hain’s work as the Sanctus was sung will be marked on my heart forever. A moment of entry into the canon, a moment moving closer to Christ, in communion with the Christendom family. A moment of beauty and truth. One among many grace filled moments that will be experienced by those who worship Our Lord here for many many years to come.

Cameron DeLaFleur

A beautiful testament to the faith of our community. I’m in awe.

Rev. Francis Joseph Hoffman

What a fabulous weekend and a real shot in the arm for Christendom! The Mass of the Dedication of the Christ the King Chapel was perhaps the finest Liturgical Celebration I have ever attended, and fully in keeping with the dictates of the Second Vatican Council. Truly uplifting. Dr. O’Donnell’s remarks were riveting; Cardinal Arinze first class; and the fireworks were even better than Bilbo’s bash on his 111th birthday party. I was honored to be a part of it.

Col. & Mrs. John and Marlene Lundberg

Entering the new Christ the King Chapel was breathtaking! I (Marlene) had not seen the interior since December of last year and to see the beauty of it all, was just amazing. The Dedication Mass was a new and wonderful experience for us. What a rich ceremony! Choir and organ were amazing! The reception was most enjoyable and it was wonderful to visit so many old and new friends. The fireworks topped it off, especially with the full ringing of the bells! It brought such warm memories of growing up in Germany for me where I was used to hearing bells from the many steeples and churches. Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. O’Donnell and all the hardworking staff to reward our small efforts with such a magnificent event.

Karolin Kleiber

Greatest thanks for the flawlessy hosted and extraordinary experience that lasted for just a warm spring evening, but will live on in the hearts of all those present. I smile at the memeory of nourishing food for both the soul and body– from the eucharist to smoked meats and tantalzingly sweet decadents. I will miss the wild beauty of the new chapel, Front Royal sunsets, and evening firework displays until a future visit later this summer.

Anne Carroll

When people asked me what I thought of the Chapel, I would simply say there aren’t enough words. There is no adjective or combination of adjectives that could do justice to this achievement. I didn’t want the dedication Mass to end, and after it was over we stayed to look at every facet. Dedication weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. Thank you, Tim, and everyone who contributed in any way to this monument to truth, beauty and goodness. You have brought the Founder’s vision to a fulfillment he never dreamed of, but the seed was always there, a seed now brought to full and glorious fruition. In Christ the King, Anne W. Carroll

Robert A. & Susan H. Conrad

The Christ the King Chapel dedication weekend was deeply spirit filled. The Chapel atmosphere exuded the Holy Spirit creating a heaven experience and the following Gala and fireworks provided the opportunity for sharing Christian fellowship. Thank you for this life time memory.

Robert E. and Beverly Ward

The chapel is a magnificent reminder for all of the glory of our Catholic Faith.