Sacred Art Project

Adorning the New Christ the King Chapel

The highest beauty of the new Christ the King Chapel will be the Eucharistic Presence of our Lord and His people gathered there to worship. Through the Sacred Art Project, we seek to glorify the kingship of Christ by adorning His dwelling place with sacred art that reflects His majesty. Just as the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in her humility, was crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Project will crown our chapel and campus with beautiful art that represents the beauty of the unseen spiritual realities that are at the center of our educational apostolate.

The Project will feature new artwork crafted to reflect the timeless traditions found in the great cathedrals of Western Europe. Additionally, the project will carefully restore traditional sacred art rescued from abandoned historic churches throughout the United States. The sacred art adorning our chapel will raise the hearts and minds of our academic community to Heaven and pay homage to the great artistic traditions of our Western patrimony.

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