360° Image Tour of Christ the King Chapel

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Rear Nave

Central Nave

Nave and Altar


North Transept

South Transept

Sanctuary and Crossing Tower

Our Lady’s Chapel

How to Use This Site

Use your mouse or touch screen to move the image and explore the space.

Zooming on desktop/laptop:
Mouse scrollwheel or touchpad: Click inside the 360, then zoom in/out using the scrollwheel (on mouse) or zoom (on touchpad)
Double-click: Double-clicking on the 360 will zoom in to the next level. Double-click again to zoom even further. Double-click a third time to return to starting zoom level.

Zooming on mobile devices:
Pinch to zoom: Pinch in/out to zoom in and out. The speed of the zoom varies with the speed of your pinch and can be a bit sensitive.