The Sacred Heart Shrine was recently completed in Christ the King Chapel. The Shrine is the latest to be completed in the chapel, following work done on the Divine Mercy Shrine and the Crucifixion Shrine in recent months.

Work on the shrine was completed by Bryan King of Artifice, with John Kiernan of Blue Line Studios assisting. King also painted the blue ceiling and gilded stars on the Crossing Tower and Lady Chapel ceilings, along with the Crucifixion and Divine Mercy Shrines as well.

At the Sacred Heart Shrine, the colors are gold and red — gold for Christ’s kingship and red for the Sacred Heart and to match the red robe in the Sacred Heart statue. The stencil pattern seen throughout the shrine was designed by the college in collaboration with King, with the same pattern used in the other three side shrines.

Work has also begun on the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, which will be complete in a matter of weeks. In addition, King will also be painting the wall directly behind the High Altar in the Lady Chapel, with that work set to commence soon.