Work continues on the Betrothal Shrine in Christendom’s new Christ the King Chapel. Located in the Our Lady’s Chapel, the Betrothal Shrine has been clad in an updated trim design. This includes four refurbished white oak panels from St. Peter’s Church in Hartford, Connecticut — the same church where all the marble for the four side altars in Christ the King Chapel was found.

The panels are accompanied by a set of hand-carved white oak 4×4’s and “scroll work,” which will complete the Betrothal Shrine detail. All of the 100+ years-old white oak had to have the varnish removed and then be re-stained before install as well.

The next step towards completion of the Betrothal Shrine is installing the aforementioned 4x4s and scroll work, then cladding the 4x4s in black walnut to match the layout and trim detail in the rest of the Marian Chapel. The project is expected to be done in March, bringing another place of equisite beauty to Christ the King Chapel.