A new crucifix was installed in Christendom’s new Christ the King Chapel recently, with the crucifix installed above the High Altar of Repose. After working on various stages of the chapel’s construction, Nate Collins ‘13 recently contributed his time and talent to the chapel once again in helping design and construct this crucifix. The cross was hand-carved by Collins, with the cross edges gilded by professor Sharon Hickson, the corpus donated by Fr. Bjorn Lundberg ’97, and the corpus repainted by Christina Muller.

Symbolism permeates the work, from the materials used to the details included. The INRI sign above Our Lord’s body is carved on Cypress wood, like the other INRI signs in the crucifixion shrine and on the Pieta statue on the north transept of the Chapel. All were hand-carved in the same font by Collins.

The words of John 14:6 are carved along the sides of the crucifix and painted in gold. The crucifix hangs in such a way that it gives the illusion of floating, and the dark Lebanon cedar wood provides a sharp contrast to the light-colored marble and recalls various scripture verses of Lebanon cedars. A three-way lap joint was used in the intersection of the vertical and horizontal beams to represent the Trinity, and the trefoil design on the ends of each beam also have trinitarian significance.

Collins is one of the many alumni who have contributed and continue to contribute their energy and talent to beautifying this sacred space and making it a house worthy of Our Lord. Please continue to pray for all the artisans who have and are currently working on adorning the new Christ the King Chapel.