Work continues on the interior of the new Christ the King Chapel as Rugo Stone has begun installing the two remaining side chapels’ marble altars.

The Crucifixion side chapel’s altar is made up of Rosso Jasper marble from Egypt and white marble known as Statuario Venato and was quarried from Italy. The Rosso Jasper’s deep red color represents Christ’s Precious Blood spilt for our salvation and will also be used for the Wounds of Christ inlays located at four points in cruciform flooring of the new Chapel.

The Divine Mercy side chapel holds a beautiful Azul Bochira marble from Brazil along with the same white Statuario Venato marble. The stunning blue color was chosen to evoke “the ocean of His Mercy,” as described by St. Faustina in her diary entries.

The highly prized Statuario Venato marble was obtained from the now-closed St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Hartford, Connecticut. I the new Christ the King Chapel, the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Fatima altars were once Mary & Joseph shrines at St. Peter’s and the Crucifixion and Divine Mercy shrines’ arches were part of an arched screen wall behind the main high altar in St. Peter’s.  Christendom has the arches cleaned, adapted and reconfigured to work as separate side altars, including increasing the altar depth with a new mensa top, raising the height of the arches by adding new plinth blocks below and adding the new colored marble.