Christendom’s Christ the King Chapel took another exciting leap forward this past week, with artwork installation beginning in the Chapel’s crossing tower

Beyer Studio, who is designing all of the stained glass for the Chapel, began installing 8,000 pieces of diamond shaped glass in the Chapel on September 10, starting with the crossing tower. With the crossing tower now complete, they will begin installing diamond glass in other locations in the coming weeks, bringing the interior artwork of the Chapel another step closer to completion.

While Beyer began work on stained glass installation, alumna Mandy Hain started the design of the ceiling of the crossing tower. The ceiling, which will be directly above the high altar, will offer a stunning glimpse of the heavens when complete. Hain and her team are painting a Celtic cross in the center of the ceiling, representing the Eucharist, along with gilded stars surrounding the cross. Nine angels will surround the cross as well, pointing towards Christ as the “center of the cosmos.” The starfield will continue onto pendentives, where four more angels will be painted as well. Completing the ceiling will be a thurible, which will be attached to the center and ultimately hang right above the high altar.

With her work now underway, Hain and her team expect to be finished designing the ceiling at the end of September.

The work by Beyer Studios and Mandy Hain marks the official beginning of artwork installation and design inside the Chapel itself, after months of work at their respective studios. The work arrives on top of major progress made on the rest of the Chapel, including more work done on the wood ceiling in recent weeks. The exterior of the Chapel is now over half complete, with organ construction by Kegg Pipe Organ Builders set to commence next month.

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