The construction of the new Christ the King Chapel has seen considerable progress in the last month. At the end of November, the majority of the underground utility piping installation was completed, the concrete footings and slab were completed, and now the construction team is working to assemble to steel structure of the chapel. This exciting phase of construction, which will continue through March 2020, will reveal the immense size and breadth of the chapel.

On Tuesday, the crew at Phoenix Erectors began installing the steel frame of the bell towers and the choir loft. Given the great height of the new chapel, it will be fascinating to watch as the “skeleton” of the structure is built.

Progress for the chapel has also been made off-site. The chapel will feature over 100 stained-glass windows, most of which will be custom made. Beyer Studio in Philadelphia is in the process of designing these windows and restoring several other windows rescued from decommissioned churches. Additionally, nine windows from the current Christ the King chapel will be restored and placed in new settings in the new chapel.

Please continue to pray for the smooth and timely completions of the new Christ the King Chapel.