From the Arlington Catholic Herald:

Christendom College in Front Royal began its 43rd academic year with a Mass of the Holy Spirit celebrated in the Chapel of Christ the King by Bishop Michael F. Burbidge Aug. 25.

At Mass, the entire faculty made an oath of fidelity to the magisterium and made a profession of faith, stating that they would not teach anything contrary to the faith in any of their academic areas of expertise. Although required for professors who teach theology at the college level, Christendom’s entire faculty voluntarily takes this oath each year, giving both students and their parents the confidence that they will receive a truly Catholic education.

“I want to begin by thanking you and your gifted and talented administration and faculty for providing our students with such a sacred place to continue their education, to deepen their relationship with the Lord, and to grow in Truth and be prepared to articulate that Truth wherever the Lord sends them,” said Bishop Burbidge during his homily. “As I say so often, Christendom College is a treasure within the Diocese of Arlington and a great gift to our Holy Catholic Church. I am so proud of this college and of our students.”