Christendom College officially signed Hoar Construction as the General Contractor for the new Christ the King Chapel project. For more than 75 years, Hoar Construction has been a leader in the industry, with an impressive history of notable projects across the country. Initially, the company specialized in the construction of churches and then expanded its focus to include commercial, retail, and industrial projects, including the construction of major hospitals, medical centers, and universities.

After initial site work and the issuance of necessary permits, full construction operations on the Christ the King Chapel will begin next week.

Christendom’s site contractor, GB Foltz, will begin clearing and earthworks operations and start preparing the footprint of the building, known as the “building pad.” Next week, Christendom’s stained-glass contractor, Beyer Studio, will begin removing the stained-glass windows from the current chapel to begin the restoration process.

Hoar Construction will then establish ongoing operations at the beginning of September and start preparing for the foundation work. Over the next few months, they will be busy building and pouring footings and foundation walls, installing under-slab building utilities, followed by pouring the concrete slab. GB Foltz will work alongside Hoar, trenching and installing underground utility work connecting to the college’s sewer, water and fire suppression piping.

The new Christ the King Chapel will provide much needed space for the college’s growing student body providing seating for over 940 people. Containing over 100 stained-glass windows, the chapel will be constructed at the highest point of the campus, making the 116-foot-tall Gothic tower visible for miles.

Please continue to keep in your prayers all those involved in this tremendous project, as well as all who have, by God’s abundant grace, made the building of the Christ the King Chapel possible. Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever!